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How can I make the QuNeo more or less sensitive so that it responds to my touch in a more desirable way?

You can adjust the sensitivity of the QuNeo sensors using the QuNeo Editor. Select a component in the editor (pads, vertical sliders, horizontal sliders, rotaries, left/right buttons, up/down buttons, or transport buttons) and you will see a Sensitivity knob toward the bottom-right of the edit pane (it will say "Global Sensitivity" if you have selected a pad). This knob will affect all sensors of the same component type, e.g. all of the pads will be adjusted, or all of the vertical sliders will be adjusted, etc. Turn this knob to the left (counter-clockwise) to make it less sensitive or to the right (clockwise) to make it more sensitive.

The pads also have more advanced sensitivity adjustments available. In the QuNeo Editor, go up to the View menu and select Show Advanced. Now if you click on one of the pads you will see more options in the edit pane, including: individual pad sensitivity, on and off thresholds, and velocity tables.

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