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Can I save Hosted mode presets to Standalone mode?

As of SoftStep version 2, not directly, but there is a simple method to get a Hosted mode preset into Standalone mode (and vice versa). Just do the following:

  1. In Hosted mode, select the preset you want to transfer.
  2. Copy the preset via the Edit menu or keyboard shortcut.
  3. Switch over to Standalone mode.
  4. Paste the preset via the Edit menu or keyboard shortcut.
  5. Click the "SAVE AS" button and give the preset a name.

Now your Hosted mode preset will be in Standalone mode. All of the output ports should automatically change to the correct device (e.g. if Hosted mode was using SoftStep Share it will now use SSCOM Port 1 in Standalone mode).

The reverse, going from Standalone mode to Hosted mode, can be done as well — just switch the words "Hosted" and "Standalone" in the above instructions.

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