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How do I find out what firmware is installed on my SoftStep? Also, what firmware will the editor install?

Finding out what firmware version is installed on the SoftStep is simple. When a SoftStep is powered up it will briefly display the firmware version that is currently installed on it. Just plug in the SoftStep and look at the first displayed number — that is the firmware version. This information is also available via the SoftStep editors.

To find out what firmware version is included in the Basic or Advanced editors, do the following:

  1. Open the editor you're curious about.
  2. Mac: Go up to the "SoftStep Advanced/Basic Editor" option in the menu bar and select "About SoftStep Advanced/Basic Editor". Windows: Go up to the Help menu in the menu bar and select "About SoftStep Advanced/Basic Editor". The main window will now display information about the editor and connected SoftStep (if one is connected).

The Expected FW field lists the firmware version included with the editor — this is what will be installed if a firmware update is initiated. The Found FW field lists the firmware version currently installed on the connected SoftStep. The Editor Version lists the version number of the editor itself (not firmware related).

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