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What is CoMA mode?

CoMA mode is a mode that will allow you to quickly and easily map sensors on the QuNeo to controls in your software or on your hardware. Since the QuNeo can have multiple data sources coming out of just one pad/slider/rotary/button (e.g. just tapping a pad can output a MIDI note and CCs for pressure, x, and y all at the same time) it can be difficult to map the one you want in a traditional MIDI mapping environment, like Ableton Live's or Logic's. CoMA mode allows you to output each available data source separate from each other, one at a time, allowing you to map what you want where you want.

Here is an example of how to use CoMA mode to map the Y-axis CC from a pad on the QuNeo in Ableton Live:

  • Enable MIDI Mapping mode in Ableton Live
  • Select the control you would like to control in Live
  • Put the QuNeo into CoMA mode by holding down the blue Mode button in the upper-left corner until all the LEDs will flash and the blue mode LED turns on (this takes about 1 second).
  • Pick the pad you'd like to map to Live and press its bottom-right corner. This corner on every pad will output the CC# for the Y-axis of that pad.
  • Exit CoMA mode by pressing the Mode button again.
  • Take Live out of MIDI Mapping mode and try it out by sliding your finger from top to bottom (Y-axis) on the pad you just mapped.

For more information about using CoMA mode, see the "CoMA Mode Mapping Guide" chapter of the QuNeo Full Manual.

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