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I exported my QuNeo presets from an older editor and they won't import into the newer editor. Is something wrong?

No, there is nothing wrong. Sometimes preset structures will change between versions of the editor/firmware, making presets from older editor versions incompatible with newer editor versions. This will cause presets to not import properly.

As of now you will need to manually re-enter all of your settings from the old editor into the new editor. Note that it is ok to have both versions of the editor open at that same time — it won't cause any problems. This way you won't need to open one editor, look at the settings, close the editor, open the new editor, enter the settings, close that editor, repeat, repeat, repeat, etc.

We understand that this is rather inconvenient and tedious. We are currently working on adding functionality that will allow users to convert their older presets into newer, compatible presets so manual re-entry will no longer be necessary.

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