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The blue LED (mode button) lights up solid and doesn't do anything else. What do I do?

If the mode button (top-left, circular button) stays lit up and your QuNeo won't do anything else, then your board is stuck in what is called "bootloader mode". This is a mode that essentially says "Hey, I'm waiting for you to send me some firmware".

The best way to resolve this is to:

  1. Plug in your QuNeo
  2. Open up QuNeo Editor
  3. Go up to the "Hardware" menu and select "Update Firmware..."
  4. As the firmware update progresses the blue mode button should start flashing
  5. When done the blue LED should turn off and all of the LEDs will swipe across the board, indicating the firmware update is complete

You can check to make sure it worked by going up to the "QuNeo Editor" menu (on Mac) or the "Help" menu (on Windows) and selecting "About QuNeo Editor" — the "Found Firmware Version" number should match the "Expected Firmware Version". If it does not, then you should try the firmware update again.
We highly recommend you update your presets after a firmware update — simply click the "Update All" button and wait for the update to complete.

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