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Can I import my old presets from version 1.21?

yes. The Advanced Editor allows for importing presets from the previous editor, 1.21. To import old presets to the new editor, do the following:

  1. Open up the Advanced Editor.
  2. If you want to import Hosted mode presets, skip this step. If you would like to import Standalone mode presets, switch over to Standalone mode by clicking the Hosted/Standalone switch.
  3. Go up to the File menu in the menu bar and select "Import Hosted/Standalone Presets from V1.21" (it will say either "Hosted" or "Standalone" depending on which mode you're currently in).
  4. When the file browser appears, navigate to and select the old SoftStep editor's "Presets" folder (not the contents of the folder, just the Presets folder itself), then click Choose/OK — the presets will be inserted at the end of the current preset list.

The Basic Editor does not provide this same functionality.

Presets created within SoftStep 2.0+ editors should remain backwards compatible — you can simply use the Export Preset and Import Preset options.

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