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I'm trying to use QuNeo with my music software but it's not working. What could the problem be?

If your QuNeo is not working with your music software it could be due to a number of things:

  • You may have a bad USB cable:
    • Make sure your QuNeo is actually connecting to your computer when plugged in. You can check this by opening up the QuNeo Editor — if the QuNeo is connecting it will say QuNeo 1 in the bottom-left corner of the editor window. You can also go up to the Quneo Editor menu at the top (on Mac) and select About QuNeo Editor (this will be in the Help menu on Windows machines). A window will pop up with information about the editor and your connected QuNeo (assuming it has made a proper connection).
    • If your QuNeo is not connecting, try using another micro-USB cable and see if that solves the problem.
  • You may not have any presets on your QuNeo:
    • Open up the QuNeo Editor with a QuNeo connected and press the Update All button. This will reload all of the presets onto the QuNeo.
  • You may need to enable the QuNeo as an input device in your software of choice before it starts responding to the QuNeo's MIDI data. Please refer to that software's manual or support for more information on how this is done.
  • Your QuNeo may not be receiving enough power from the USB port it is plugged into. This will likely only happen if you are using the QuNeo with an unpowered USB hub — sometimes these hubs are not able to provide enough power to connected devices. Try plugging your QuNeo into another USB port on your computer and see if that changes anything.
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