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I selected the QuNeo Controller Script in Ableton Live but it won't respond to the QuNeo. The lights are lighting up though. What do I do?

You should first make sure your QuNeo is on the correct preset. The Ableton controller script works with presets 9 and 10 (unless you have modified those presets). Please see the "How Do I Switch QuNeo Presets?" question for information on how to switch QuNeo presets.

You may also just need to reselect the control script in Live's MIDI Sync preferences. Try this:

  • Open Ableton's preferences
  • Go to the MIDI Sync tab
  • Under Control Surfaces, select something other than QuNeo, then switch it back
  • Under Input and Output, select something other than QUNEO, then switch it back
  • Now see if it is behaving properly
  • If it's still not working, try restarting Ableton Live
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