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How do 12 Step and SoftStep compare to each other?

Are you wondering about the differences between SoftStep and 12 Step? We've put together this table of comparisons to help you decide which product is better suited to your needs.



Note Messages Yes Yes
Melodic Note Playability Poor Excellent (5 notes per key)
Octave Shifting No Yes
Velocity Sensitivity No Yes
Program Change Available on each key Global (per preset, not per key)
Continuous Control Available on each key Global (per preset, not per key)
HUI / MMC / Transport Control Yes No
OSC Yes No
Playable Keys 10 13 (Chromatic Layout)
Navigation Keys 4 (Nav Pad) 1 (Select button)
Key X (Left-Right) sensor Yes No
Key Y (Up-Down) sensor Yes Yes
Key Pressure sensor Yes Yes
Poly Aftertouch Yes Yes
Customizable LEDs Yes No
Programmable Display Yes (Alpha-Numeric 4 characters) Yes (Numeric 4 digits)
Standalone Mode Yes Yes
Hosted Mode Yes No
Editor Yes Yes
Outputs per key 6 total on any channel 5 notes on 2 channels
Weight 1.3 lbs 1.3 lbs
Size 17.5" x 4.2" x 1" 17.5" x 4.2" x 1"
MIDI Expander Yes Yes
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