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How can I adjust the QuNexus' sensitivity so it responds to my touch in a more desirable way?

Use the QuNexus Editor to adjust the sensitivities for each preset.


The boxes above are for all keys and can be set differently for each preset. The first box, “Sensitivity”, is basically a multiplier for the sensitivity; if it’s set to 2, the keys will be twice as sensitive, if it’s set to .5 the keys will be half as sensitive.

The on and off thresholds are for changing the pressure value at which a note on or a note off will register. For Example: if On Thresh is set to 10, the Pad pressure has to reach a value of 10 before a note on is sent. If Off Thresh is set to to 5, the Pad pressure would have to be 5 or lower for a note off to register. Off Thresh cannot be set higher than the on threshold.

Tilt Sens. refers to how much wiggling you have to do to get the Tilt source to respond. By default Tilt requires an intentional pressure shift/tilt of your finger to engage it so that you don’t bend a note or adjust an effect by accident. You can adjust this feature with the Tilt Sensitivity feature here.

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