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How do I know if my QuNexus’ firmware is up to date?

  1. First check our website’s downloads page for QuNexus:
  2. If the version up on our webpage is newer than the one you’ve been using, download it.
  3. Open up the newest QuNexus Editor.
  4. When the QuNexus Editor opens, it checks to make sure the firmware on the device is compatible with the application. If the firmware is not compatible, an update prompt will appear.
  5. Click OK and wait until the blue Shift button light stops flashing and the “Update Complete” dialog appears before continuing. The blue light and progress bar on screen indicate that the firmware update is in progress.

If no update prompt appears, go to the QuNexus Menu and select “About QuNexus”. The window that appears will show the expected version numbers and the version numbers the QuNexus has. If the board’s firmware version does not match the editor version, use the “Update Firmware” option in the Hardware menu of the QuNexus Editor. A prompt to update will appear. Click ok to update firmware.

Don’t worry if your bootloader version is not the same. The bootloader does not have an effect on how the firmware performs or its compatibility with the editor. We will be implementing a way for users to update the bootloader as soon as possible.

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