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What is CoMA mode and how do I use it?

Many DAWs and performance software tools like Ableton Live and Apple’s Logic have MIDI Mapping modes that will recognize MIDI data from a controller and map it to whatever you choose. Since the QuNexus can have multiple data sources for one control, it is often necessary to use the Controller Mapping Assistant (CoMA). CoMA mode allows quick mapping of each available data source one at a time, enabling rapid and efficient software/controller pairings.

To enter CoMA Mode:


  1. Hold down the Shift Button until all the LEDs turn on and then off again.
  2. Hit the key labeled “CoMA”.

Tap the Shift Button to exit CoMA Mode and go back to playing QuNexus normally.

CoMA will work differently depending on whether Channel Rotation is turned on. To check whether or not Channel Rotation is on after performing step 1 above, check to see if the Rotate key is lit up. If so, Channel Rotation is on.

For more information about CoMA Mode, see the QuNexus Manual. There you will find a full step-by-step guide for using CoMA Mode while Channel Rotation is off or on.

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