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How do I use QuNexus with CV?

There are a couple of different ways to connect QuNexus to a CV device:

  • Powered by a Computer or iPad:


  • Powered by KMI MIDI Expander: 


  • Powered by USB Power Supply: 


There are 2 CV output ports on the left side of the QuNexus and 1 CV input port on the right side. Since the two output ports use stereo 1/8in connectors (TRS), they provide 4 outputs: a gate output and three 16-bit CV outputs. Output voltages range from 0 to 5V. The input port should be used with a TRRS connector to access both CV inputs and the 5V Power for an expression pedal. If you only need one input for an expression pedal, a regular stereo 1/8in connector should work just fine.

By default, QuNexus sends different data out the 4 CV outputs:

  • Gate - Note ons and offs. Note ons are expressed as 5 volts.
  • CV1 - Pitch
  • CV2 - Mod (CC#1)
  • CV3 - Pitch Bend

This data can come from the Keyboard, USB Port 3, or the MIDI Expander. By default MIDI must be received from Channel 2 if sending from USB Port 3 or the MIDI Expander.

By default, QuNexus receives data from the 2 CV inputs and converts them to MIDI messages:

  • CV1 - CC#112
  • CV2 - CC#113

By default this data is sent on Channel 2 to USB Port 3 and the MIDI Expander.

Much more information about using QuNexus with CV exists in the QuNexus Manual so be sure to take a look at the CV chapters there for more information.

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