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Do I need a MIDI Expander to connect to my iOS device?

It depends on which controller of ours you are using, and what iOS device you have.

Using Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit you can plug a QuNexus, QuNeo (in iPad mode), 12 Step, or SoftStep directly into the iPad — no Expander needed (external power may be needed for SoftStep, 12 Step, and non-iPad mode QuNeo). The Camera Connection Kit does not work natively with iPhone or iPod, though, if your device is jailbroken there is a package that can unlock this functionality.

If you have a non-jailbroken iPhone or iPod you will need a MIDI Expander in addition to something like the Alesis IO Dock, Line 6's MIDI Mobilizer, or IK Multimedia's iRig MIDI to connect your KMI controller to your iOS device.

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