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My K-Board won't connect to my computer/tablet/etc. What do I do?

If you're having troubles with connectivity and your K-Board there are a number of things to try before contacting KMI tech support...

Try a new USB cable

One of the first (yet most often overlooked) things to try is a different USB cable, preferably one that is known to work well. When a cable goes bad it can lead to all sorts of odd behavior (flaky connections), or no behavior at all (won't even power on).

Try plugging into a different USB port

It's possible that trying a different USB port on the computer may lead to a proper connection. While extremely rare, we have come across USB ports that just don't seem to like some USB devices.

Do not use an unpowered USB hub

Unpowered USB hubs may not be able to provide enough power to the K-Board, leading to connectivity issues. Unpowered hubs typically divide the power coming from the computer's USB port and split it up between all of the hub's ports — providing less power than if the K-Board were to be directly connected to the computer's USB port.

If a USB hub is absolutely necessary, it is recommended to always use a powered hub.

Try with or without a USB hub

If experiencing connectivity issues while using a USB hub, try without the hub and plug directly into the computer's USB port. The reverse holds true as well — if experiencing connectivity issues while not using a USB hub, try with a hub (if one is available to you).

Connect to a different computer/device

If the K-Board is not making a connection to the computer at all (and all other troubleshooting issues have been exhausted), it is recommended to try connecting it to a different computer. If it works on the new computer, try the original one again. In some circumstances we have seen this solve connection issues.

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